Summary: AU centered around the fact that Bond is a vampire hunter and Q is a vampire. They become partners when they need eachothers help to work toward a common goal

Pairings: 00Q

Type: M/M

Characters: M, James Bond, Quartermaster, Moneypenny

Rating: K for swearing (so far) 

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Summary: Cas and Dean are moving in together when they get…distracted.
Paiting: Castiel/Dean Winchester
Rating: I actually have no idea


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  • Summary: Dean takes Cas to a photo booth to get a pic of him for his fake ID, Things don’t go down as he planned. 

Words: 1293, Chapters: 1, Language: English

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Games and rather irritating emotions.


For this anon’s lovely prompt. Hope you liked it and send me a quick message if you would like to see me continue it. :P

Bond!John Watson
James Bond/Sherlock fandom swap.

Poised with perfect balance on the edge of his stool, the quartermaster closed his eyes and began to think. No. No he would not let it be so. Bond was his agent not anything more and he should do well to keep it that way. His hands pressed lightly against one another to form a steeple rested just below his nose with his elbows propped up on his knees. Watson would be back from Rome in- Sherlock flicked his eyes to the wall mounted clock- half an hour. Right then and there he made a promise to himself: When the agent returned his feelings for the 007 agent would stay hidden and locked away behind the cold shell he protected himself with. Watson didn’t need to be concerned with his meaningless feelings; after all, it would only cloud up his field work.

“I thought you might still be here.” The rough self-assured voice sounded from the entrance to Q branch. Sherlock’s eyes flew open, his heart rate already speeding up and his stomach fluttering with nerves. No emotions!

Yes, Tanner wants the blueprints for some building in to his office by tomorrow morning and I am yet to retrieve them.” He said with a bored tone to his voice. Cool blue eyes tracked the agents every move as he made his way down Q branch and toward Sherlock’s work bench.

“I would’ve thought blueprints would be an easy thing for you to acquire. You know, being the brilliant mind you are.”

Sherlock pierced him with a hard glare and hatefully retorted. “I’m not very good at multitasking between internet browsing and guiding a 007 agent out of gun fire.”

“You could’ve just let me get shot.”

“What!?” Everything that he had just told himself about staying calm flew out the window. Horror at the very notion of Bond getting injured because of him flashed across his face. His eyes wide and his breath stuck in his throat, he tried hopelessly to recover. “I mean, that would be absurd. My job is to protect you not get you killed.”

“Would you care? If I died?” Watson was right next to him now. His blue grey eyes and devote of emotion. They only want the truth from him, just a straight answer. Sherlock doesn’t expect the scalding heat of pain when he realises that this is all completely amusing for the agent, watching him squirm and struggle uncomfortably for a sensible answer. Like freezing water splashing on his face, Sherlock instantly realises that John has probably know all along about how he felt but just stayed silent all for an amusing little game of watch-the-quartermaster-drool. Well, two could play at that game. Instead of babbling on like an awed puppy, Sherlock narrowed his eyes, straightened his back and replied low and simply:

“Not in the very least.”  He wanted to smile triumphantly at small look of shock on the agents face.

Let the games begin.

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Trapped: Chapter One.


by (Theneversky

The sound of sharp gun shots drew her attention away from the exit. “Where are the others?” She said as her eyes searched frantically around the worn down warehouse. There were gaping holes in the walls, floor and ceiling. Mold covered nearly every surface causing an old musky  smell to fill her nose. She whirled around on the few men she was still with and repeated “Where are the others?!”

“Rose! Just calm down a minute will you?” Dean said. He ran a hand through his closely cropped hair before turning to John. “Sherlock was with you, yeah?”

“Well, yeah, before…”

“Before what?”

“Before…Crowley.” The Doc looked beat. Blood trickled slowly from a gash on his hair line, a dark bruise was forming around his left eye and this time, his limp was very real. Rose didn’t look my better, her lip was bleeding and she was clutching her side where a piece of shrapnel from the explosion had ripped through her. The blood was draining dangerously fast from her face.

“Look Rose, You go with John and get yourselves to a hospital or go get Sammy. I’ll go back in and get the rest of ‘em. They probably just got lost.” Dean quickly checked how much ammo he had left before setting off down the corridor to the right of the main warehouse floor. He didn’t make it very far. After reaching the end of the corridor, he entered room with a huge crater blown in the middle of the floor. And there, standing on the other side of the crater was Sherlock, The Doctor and Castiel. The relief that bloomed in his chest was short lived when he saw the figure standing the in middle of the crater. Made shorted by the depression in the floor, Crowley turned in a lazy circle toward him, an easy smile touching his lips. Behind him, he could hear the echoes and shuffles of hurried footsteps. They’d seen him raise his gun.

Dean, no!” But the cry from Castiel came a moment too late. Dean was already squeezing the trigger. They’d caught him, the bullet opened up a small red eye directly in between the demon’s eyes, and he fell to the ground. Lifeless.

However, what Dean had failed to see was the little device Crowley had clutched in his hand. It was blue and ovular with intricate black patterns twisting and snaking pathways along the hard exterior.  They only had minutes to take all this in before the small button on the very top of the device released with a small snick and their vision was clouded with a thick blue/grey smoke. John reached a blind hand out and connected with Rose’s elbow. She returned the gesture by clinging on to his jacket. He could hear her coughing and wheezing. The smoke soon caught up with him too. His eyes watered and he could feel the oxygen being sucked from his lungs with a vicious ferocity. With a startling horror, he could feel Rose’s grip loosening. He forced his eyes open long enough to see her blood loss had finally caught up with her.

“Dean!” He shouted at the dark silhouette just feet in front of him. The dark shape swirled around and stumbled toward the two shorted people. His arm was pressed tightly to his nose and mouth and his eyes were bare slits as he came toward them. Just as he reached them and they began to make their way back into the corridor, the ground started to violently shake. Rose lost her footing and stumbled, leaning her full weight into John. With nothing else to do but wait it out, Dean wrapped his arms around both John and Rose and pulled them into a crouch with his body shielding them from falling debris. The suffocating smoke and the trembles in the ground didn’t last long for Rose. In only a matter of seconds, she was slipping into inky darkness of unconsciousness. It would be hours before she woke again.


Sherlock could only stare. Nothing he had ever encountered before could have prepared him for this. They were gone. Simply gone. Not even a drop of blood from Rose’s deep injury could be seen. His immediate thought was that they had gotten out when the smoke was released and that they were somewhere out in the street breathing in clean air. But that thought had been washed away easily. He had heard just as well as the angel and the time lord had what the demon said. He replayed the conversation over and over in his head, scrubbing it and picking it apart for any clues as to how to get them back.

Doctor, I believe you know what this is, care to explain?” Crowley cocked and eyebrow at the tall dark featured man standing to Sherlock’s left. His expression was dark and grim.

“It’s a transported. It will send anyone caught in its gas cloud to a parallel world.” The doctor explained. His hands were curled into fists and his chest was rising and falling with deep measured breaths. Sherlock was lost, parallel universe? He hadn’t thought it possible until he realised he was standing next to a traveller of time, an angel of the Lord and a demon from Hell. His mind reeled, thoughts tripped over one another in a competition to make it to the front. His mouth made the decision before his mind did. He wouldn’t leave John again.

“What do you want?” The demon’s eyes swivelled to him.

“Your souls. You three have the most powerful souls out there. They’re filled with intellect, loyalty, love, honour, pride, passion determination. There is no other soul out there that has more of these qualities than you three boys poses in your tiny little souls.”

Castiel took a threatening step forward then. “I would never give my grace to someone as filthy as you.” Crowley didn’t seem offended at the comment only slightly amused. His voice dropped to a low and threatening growl.

“Then you can say goodbye to your precious little humans.”

Sherlock snapped back to reality when he felt a firm hand on his shoulder. Jerking away from it, he saw the doctor with an outstreatched arm and a hurt look on his face.

“I’m sorry Sherlock. I know you only just got him back.” His tone was sincere but Sherlock hardly heard him before he roughly grabbed the lapels of his brown suit and shoved him hard against the wall.

“You know what he did to them?! You can get them back!”

“Sherlock, I really can’t. The TARDIS-”

“-Can travel anywhere through space and time. Anywhere.” He hissed low into the doctors face. He wouldn’t let John down again. Not after everything that had happened to them. Before the doctor had a chance to reply, Castiel spoke up from where he had been frozen to the ground.

“Screaming in each other’s faces won’t bring them back. If the doctor says he can’t do it, he can’t do it. You aren’t the only one who had lost something today, Sherlock, We will just have figure out another way to get them back. But we will get them back.” Their blue eyes met for a moment before Castiel gazed toward the lifeless body of Crowley in the crater. It was still a shock to him that colt had worked. “If you will excuse me, I have family that I need to inform of todays…events. I will be back at sunset.” With a flutter of wins and a faint gust of wind, the angel disappeared for only a moment before he appeared in front of a rather startled Sam.

“Cas!” as his eyes travelled over Cas, his smile faltered a little and a small crease appeared between his brow. “Where’s Dean?”



Let me know if you enjoyed this! I would love to continue it but I need to know if you guys will read it or not :P So give me some feedback (any, I really don’t mind) I really love receiving it J

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Just a little Fem!Q fic. I don’t usually write Fem!anything so if you liked it, let me know :) 

Characters: James Bond, Quartermaster, Fem!Q
Warnings: None
paring: 00Q
Author: Theneversky ( that’s me ;)
Snippet: It was a Monday morning and Q was in no mood for Bond’s shit. As she tapped lightly at her keyboard, her mood turned from bad to worse as she heard the arrogant tap of Bond’s shoes approach her desk in the middle of Q branch. Over the top of her laptop she spies the insufferable man making his way down the center of Q branch straight for her. Biting her lip and returning her attention to her screen, she absolutely did not think about scrunching his immaculately tailored suit into balls in her fists.

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Unlikely Partners: Part 2

Bond wanted to kill him. Every nerve, every cell in his body screamed at him to plunge his stake deep into the vampire’s chest. He had trained, for two decades to become the lethal hunter he is now, but none of his training had prepared him for this. A vampire, and a hunter, partners. It was absurd to think that Bond was protecting him. But by the looks of him, he needed it. He was scrawny, pale and weak. The entire journey back to the MI-6 paranormal HQ, Bond had time to mull over why this young vampire, who apparently liked to be called Q because his full name is embarrassing, would want to sell out his own kind and why he hates then so much. Bond knew he could just ask him. After all, he had agreed to give him immunity, but Bond preferred to ponder it on his own. And he wasn’t exactly up for a chit-chat session with a vampire. However apparently, Q was.

“I’m surprised you haven’t started dumping shit tonnes of questions on me. I thought you’d want to start immediately.”

Bond gave an irritated grunt in reply. Q didn’t hear the warning. With a small giggle and a little skip in the snow, he continued on.

“I’ve got to admit, I’m a little shocked. I thought that stake was going in my chest no matter what I said.”

Bond curled his fingers into fists. Why him? Why did this vampire had to choose him to bargain with?

“Because I saw you. I really saw you.” Q whirled around and threw his hands up in defence, never breaking stride. “Don’t worry; I was a shocked as you are. I saw in you that you had the heart, and the brains, to trust me.”

A deep sick feeling settled in Bond’s gut. He hated that the vampire could read him. Mentally, he threw up his protective walls he’d been trained to use against a vampire’s telepathy. Q just grinned. But something else nagged at Bond. A vampire could read anyone’s mind, but it took a lot to read one’s heart. Bond hadn’t met this vampire before, so the question of ‘how’ still swirled like a lazy breeze through his mind. He changed the subject.

“So how are they doing it? Walking in the light?” Q sighed and stopped for half a beat so that he now walked side by side with Bond. His long thin fingers shoved deep inside his ratty threadbare trousers that were now so small they exposed the skin of his ankles. The cold didn’t bother him so he couldn’t bring himself to mind much.

“I don’t know.” He replied simply. Obviously, that wasn’t what Bond wanted to hear.

 Bond stopped mid step. “What!? You don’t know how? What they hell are we protecting you for then?” Q just giggled at his incredulous expression and turned to face him.

“I don’t know how they’re doing it. But I know who is doing it. And that is a valuable piece of information my friend.”

“I’m not your friend.” Bond’s face twisted with an indignant expression. Q frowned, rather displeased.

“Fine. My acquaintance then.” The Hunter seemed to accept that and kept walking. They were close now. Bond couldn’t wait until he could dump this vampire off to M and have him deal with it. Bond just wanted to sleep. 17 hours straight spent in almost below zero conditions was enough to make even the best of hunters worn down. His hunts had been extended so drastically because of the light walkers. So you can imagine his desperation to put an end to this stupidity. Sparkly vampires? Bond could almost laugh. Almost.

Q opened his mouth to speak again when a huge black building shaped like a shoe box loomed up in the distance.  In no time, they were there. Bond was punching in his security code into the small pad to the left of two thick metal doors. Q could smell the vervain running through the veins of every centimetre of the place. Q fiddled with his hands, shoving them in and out of his pockets over and over waiting for Bond’s retinal scan to finally let him through. A tingle of nerves zipped through him at the huge doors slid open. Bond didn’t even glance back at Q before he entered into the gloomy building ahead. He didn’t need to, Q was right behind him.

To be fair, Q didn’t know what he expected. But seriously, this place was bland. Just a bunch of plain featureless halls twisting this way and that with a few doors peppered along the walls every now and then. Bond had ordered him to stay close the entire time in case they came across another hunter. The chance, he assured him was slim. They would all be in one place that night. Q had felt a little reassured until Bond had mentioned that they would all be in the place they were headed. Joy. Finally, they reached a red wooden door at the end of one of the boring corridors. Bond turned to him then.

“I’m going to open this door. Stay behind me and don’t say a word until you’re allowed to.”

“When will I know I will be allowed to speak?” Bond’s only reply was turning his back on Q and twisting the door knob. Q gulped. As soon as the door was swung open, Q understood why Bond had wanted Q behind him. His huge imposing figure blocked Q not only from the approximately twenty hunters in the room beyond but also the artificial sun light. He now understood why they were all so tanned. Dressed in complete black clothing from the neck to the toe, the hunters all congregated in a large room with a huge screen showing surveillance at the opposite end of the door. From huge bright lights on the ceiling, UV rays were showered down into the room and bathed the hunters in security. Well, this did put quite a kink in things.

Peering over the huge hunters shoulder, he could see a few hunters glancing up at Bond standing on the threshold of the door. There were no cries of alarm, no shouts of ‘VAMPIRE!’ At least, that was until Bond turned abruptly, roughly grabbed Q’s shoulder and threw him into the room. The UV rays worked instantly on his exposed skin. Huge patches of burning flesh began to bubble and sizzle. Q hissed and screamed and desperately tried to claw his way back to the safety of dark cool corridor. During his vain struggles, he became faintly aware of the hunters pulling out stakes, rosemary beads, garlic and holy water. His favorite beverage.

He gave up trying to reach the door and curled into a ball, awaiting his death by being burnt to a crisp. Lovely. 

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Unlikely Partners: Part 1

The cold stabbed sharply at the exposed skin around Bond’s eyes. He was wrapped up from head to toe with the only part of his body being exposed was his eyes. The crappy ‘heat trapping’ visors he is advised to wear are useless pieces of crap he adamantly refuses. They obstruct his view and that is next to the only thing Bond has a warning when they approach. He relies on his sight and his ability to hear. That’s It. If you aren’t tuned into those two senses extremely well, you’re dead before you can reach your stake.

The sharp sound of a twig being snapped underfoot jerks Bond’s attention toward the underbrush directly behind him. He swings around, stake in hand, and stills his body completely. Sinking low to the ground to seek a somewhat petty cover from the small bushed scattered at his feet.

“Don’t bother. I already know you’re there. If I didn’t, I would never have broken the stick.”

Bond freezes. His eyes swivel up to a tall, thin figure emerging from the thick, black trees 50 paces away. The swollen silver moon cast eerie shadows upon the young death. He mustn’t have been more than 25. A shame to have such a young should converted. But it wasn’t his job to pity them; it was his job to kill them. Bond mimicked the vampire’s casual demeanour and let the stake fall to his side.  The Cold blue eyes belonging to the vampire followed the stake’s path intently. Only when he thought it safe, did he speak again.

“So! Out for a late night hunt are we? Bit dangerous out here isn’t it?”

Finding his voice, Bond responded coolly “The daylight’s not much safer. Not anymore.” The last part escaped his lips as a growl. Low and hard but he knew the vampire heard him, not matter how far away he was.

“Ah yes. Bit of a worry isn’t it? Personally I hate them. The bastards are practically mocking their own kind.”

“So not you then? You still burn?”

“Oh yes! Personally speaking, burning sounds a lot more appealing than sparkling.” The young Vampire had begun pacing back and forth across the little clearing they were in. Bond could just make out the disgusted curl of his lips from here. His initial impression of him changed from horror and disgust to wonder. Weren’t they all vampires in the end?

“So how are they doing it then? Walking in the light?”

The daytimes, as I like to call them, don’t like to share much. Well, that’s how it used to be.” There was a mischievous twinkle in his eye now. Something that made Bond very uneasy.

“’How it used to be?’”

The twinkle turned into an expression of smug satisfaction. “Wow! You really don’t know anything do you?” his thin lips tugged up into a sly smile revealing razor sharp fangs on his upper and lower rows of teeth.  A small trickle of fear slid down Bond’s spine. Gripping the stake just a little tighter, he composed himself before speaking. Having a shaky voice whilst talking with a vampire was practically suicide.

“Are you going to tell me or am I going to have to stand here all night in the bloody freezing cold just to get two words of use out of you?”

Bond took two small steps back when the vampire standing across from him made a sound. A sound he had never heard a vampire make before. The vampire began to chuckle. So soft that if it weren’t for his lack of a heartbeat, Bond might have thought him almost human.

“Well, while the latter does sound so much better, I came here to bargain for the former.” The un-dead young man dropped his good humour and faced Bond straight on. In the blink of an eye, he crossed twenty paced so now he stood closer to Bond with a dark expression on his face. “I will tell you everything you want to know, I will answer any question you ask. For a price.”

Bond’s blood ran cold in his veins. His heart beating at a frighteningly fast pace, he said: “Name it.”

Before Bond could blink, the boy was mere inches from his face. His breath caught in his throat, he tried to take a step back away from the cold creature in front of him. He should kill him. He knows he should. But this could be their biggest lead yet. And there was no way he was going to waste it.


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These are my fanfictions. ENJOY!
This is my Fanfiction blog so, evidentily, this is where i will be posting the fanfictions that i write.
Those are:
James Bond, 00Q (and any other ships)
Supernatural, Destiel, Sabriel, etc.
Doctor who
Teen wolf
But the main ones will be SPN and 00Q. I just like writing in those fandoms :PHave fun and also, ANY prompts for little fics are more than welcome. I love getting new inspiration.